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Atlona is committed to providing the industry’s best customer service and sales support. Our global team understands your demands and provides the solutions you need, when you need them. Our office is staffed with personnel in sales, training, customer service and support in order to best meet your needs. Please reference the contact information below. We look forward to keeping you connected.

Headquarters & Hours of Operation

1.877.536.3976 (US toll-free)

1.408.962.0515 (International)

1.408.743.5622 (US/International Fax)

Sales & Customer Service Hours

Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm (PST)

Inside Sales & Customer Support

Manager of Inside Sales & Sales Engineering
Steve Heintz
O: 408.962.0515 x164

Channel Sales Specialist
Evan Wallace
O: 408.962.0515 x187

Channel Sales Specialist
Art Barron
O: 408.962.0515 x169

Residential Solutions – US & Canada

National Sales Manager
Victor Baut
O: 408.962.0515 x123
C: 941.315.3691

Western US & Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Chad Russell
O: 408.962.0515 x176
C: 970.987.4444

Central US & Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Kert McCandless
O: 408.643.8730 x130
C: 303.917.1814

Eastern US & Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Scott Ettinger
O: 408.962.0515 x182
C: 941.266.5014

Commercial Solutions – US & Canada

National Sales Manager
Amelia Vrabel
O: 408.962.0515 x168
C: 919.538.3139

Western US & Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Deborah McClain
O: 408.962.0515 x193
C: 650.207.2260

Central US and Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Michael Cellura
O: 408.643.8732
C: 214.883.6223

Northeastern US & Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Adam Griffin
O: 408.962.0515 x161
C: 401.617.0492

Southeastern US
Regional Sales Manager
Joel Carroll
O: 408.962.0515 x119
C: 770.545.0430

Residential & Commercial Solutions – UK, Scandinavia, Southern Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific

Director of Business Development
Jeff Meyer
O: +39 340.641.8455

Residential & Commercial Solutions – Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Benelux, Baltic States, India, Africa

Director of Business Development
Thorsten Goecke
O: +49 (0) 163.384.8498

Residential & Commercial Solutions – Latin America

Regional Sales Manager
Esteban Perez
O: +1 829.744.0051

Commercial – US Domestic

Business Development Manager
David Ellis
O: 408.643.8745

Training and Sales Support

Director of Training and Sales Support
Ken Eagle
O: 408.962.0515 x153

Training and Sales Support Engineer
Leon Sergiyenko
O: 408.962.0515 x116

Training and Sales Support Engineer
Erica Strickland
C: 404.918.5982