What is HDR Video (High Dynamic Range)?

HowToAV.tv speaks to Atlona Training Director Ken Eagle about the latest high performance display technology: HDR (High Dynamic Range). What is HDR? Is Photo HDR and TV HDR the same thing? Is there a single standard for HDR? High Dynamic Range (also known as HDR) is the latest technology to present video with even more luminance, more colour and more contrast than 'standard' HD, UHD and 4k video. HDR (or High Dynamic Range) is the latest enhancement of Ultra HD video content to provide an even more eye-popping display performance.

Is Photo HDR and TV HDR the same thing?

High Dynamic Range or 'HDR' technology is the latest improved display technology being applied to both photo and TV display, delivering brighter, more colour and more contrasting high performance images. But are photo HDR and TV HDR actually the same thing? HowToAV.tv talks to Ken Eagle, Training Director for Atlona to find out...

Is there a single HDR Video Standard?

With the recent introduction of Video High Dynamic range to the professional AV and domestic TV markets, HowToAV.tv asks AV expert Ken Eagle from Atlona if there is yet a single standard for this fantastic new display technology...

Atlona: Better Huddle Spaces – simple solutions with powerful capabilities

In today's corporate setting we are seeing a big transition from large corporate meeting/conference rooms to smaller cost-effective huddle spaces. The Atlona HDVS Series and SW Series of switchers provide the perfect solution for huddle space designs. - Simple and cost effective - Features Automatic Display Control using Consumer - Electronics Control (CEC), IP, and RS-232 - Features Automatic Input Selection using video detection technology - Eliminates the need for expensive control systems - Ease of use for the presenter Presented by Ken Eagle, Global Director of Training and Sales Engineering, ATLONA

AMS Configuration Training Webinar

Talking points for configuration setup. Copy Configuration to Device IP Copy Configuration to Mac Address Copy to Export Copy to Import

New 4K Extenders Power sourcing and Remote Powered.

The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX-PSE is a 4K/UHD HDMI over 100M HDBaseT™ receiver for AV signals up to 328 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet pass through, RS-232, CEC, and Power over Ethernet. The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-TX-PD is an HDBaseT™ transmitter for HDMI transmission up to 328 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet pass through and RS-232 control.

Infocomm 2016 in San Jose, California

InfoComm Connections 201 is a professional AV technology regional trade show about connecting AV professionals with some of the most reputable companies in the industry. The Show offers technology directors and in-house AV pros two full days of quality training you'd find at the annual InfoComm Show in June. InfoComm Connections offers plenty of opportunities to network with the leading brands and professionals in the industry.

Smart Home Theater System without Spending a Fortune

How to entertain your guest with a Smart Home Theater System and without Spending a Fortune? Benjamin is a proud owner of a brand new four bedroom home with a guest house in the backyard. He is planning to network the entire residence with displays and media devices on each room while being able to control all devices from a remote location, even for the guest house. The problem is Benjamin is uncertain on where to start.